Profitable Fun

Published 11 July 2022

Have Fun and Make Money

$2 Miracle

We are building a site here where all the family can have fun playing games.

There will be free games where you can win entries into our $2 Miracle game.

The $2 Miracle will not only be fun but extremely profitable.

Each time you play your result will be entered into a group with another 9 competitors and the top score will win.

Each play will cost $2 and $1 will be entered into a company forced 2 x 3 matrix, which when complete will pay you $3.60 and pay your sponsor 40 cents.

You will also receive an additional 2 entries in the matrix and this will also provide you with 2 more plays in the game.

You will now have 2 more chances to win in the game and when your 2 positions cycle you will receive 2 x $3.60 plus an additional 4 matrix positions and 4 plays in the game.

This doubling each time has the following effect…


Players do not have to compete at the same time they simply record a score and the top score is the winner of the group. Example: the first 10 players to register are group 1 and when all have played the scores are displayed and the top score is the winner. The next 10 do the same and so on until we have 10 winners.

Each winner moves to the next game level and competes against the winners in the same way with the results displayed once 10 have completed the game and the top score winning.

This can go on through several phases and I am proposing 7 stages.

Each stage carries a prize and entry to the next stage with a bigger prize. This way we can leverage the winnings and if someone wins 7 games in a row, all at different levels, he will become the grand champion, having defeated 63 contestants.

The games will carry points and when a member starts to play he should click a start button to bring up the game and when the game ends it should then save the time it took to win. This can then be used to separate players who score the exact same number of points. I suggest this should be in micro seconds to avoid duplicates.

The price for admission to the first level game is $2 and 50 cents covers admin and fees, 50 cents goes into the game 1 pool and $1 goes into a 2 x 3 matrix. The matrix only pays on level 3 which will have 8 places (multiple entries can be purchased and so one person can have as many entries as they choose). The $8 from the matrix pays out $4 in commission to the member with 10% of the $4 (40cents) going to the member’s sponsor. The remaining $4 buys 2 more plays in game 1(2 x 50 cents) and of course also puts 2 more entries into the 2 x 3 matrix (2 x $1) and the remaining 50 cents again goes for admin and fees.

This way the matrix keeps moving and players get more games. When playing a game a player cannot compete against himself and so if a player has 10 entries he will be in 10 separate competitions against 10 different individuals.

This is a rough outline and the following shows how the game prizes are paid and used for the winner.

Game Level 1

10 players at $0.50 = $5. $2 re-entry in game 1 and matrix; prize of $2 to member less 10% to sponsor ($1.80 and $0.20); $1 entry into game level 2.

Game Level 2

$10.  2 re-entries at $2 = $4; prize $2.70 and $0.30; $3 to Game Level 3

Game Level 3

$30.  3 re-entries at $2 = $6; prize $3.60 and $0.40; $20 to Game Level 4

Game Level 4

$200.  5 re-entries at $2 = $10; prize $36 and $4; $150 to Game Level 5

Game Level 5

$1,500.  10 re-entries at $2 = $20; prize $432 and $48; $1000 to Game Level 6

Game Level 6

$10,000.  20 re-entries at $2 = $40; prize $4,464 and $496; $5,000 to Game Level 7

Game Level 7

$50,000.  50 re-entries at $2 for all 10 participants = $1,000; Top prize $30,000 and sponsor $3,000;
2nd Prize $10,000 and sponsor $1,000; 3rd prize $4,500 and sponsor $500.