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Published 13 July 2022

Ground Floor Opportunity

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This is a UNIQUE opportunity to become a shareholder in a new business with almost unlimited potential. See video below!

The business targets the online games industry which has over 3.5 Billion existing players.

It will also appeal to the network marketing industry and the make money online niche which adds another 5 million potential clients.

Top games attract hundreds of millions of players who often play multiple times a day.

Our first game will be trivia based and offer prizes of upto $34,938.30 PLUS 50 re-entries into game 1.

To win this top prize all a member needs do is win 7 consecutive games, defeating 63 other players along the way. Of course,  they win a prize for each game they win and the figure shown above is the total won from all 7 games.

There are only 1,000 Preference Shares being issued at $100 each and these will entitle the holders to a payment of $0.00064 for each game purchased.

Our target is to reach 72,000,000 players (just a 2% market share) within 3 years and at this time each share will be likely to be earning over $23,000 per month.

CandyCrush have over 250,000,000 players and Angry Birds over 200,000,000 players without offering the massive prize money that we will offer.

Obviously, we cannot offer any guarantees and the initial income will be low as we build our membership base; but this is a real ground floor opportunity to be a part owner in the same way that people have made millions by being in the right place at the right time with Walmart, Apple, Facebook etc. 

Please complete the form by clicking here after purchase.

Below is a video showing some projections. These are not guarantees and the reality may be very much different; higher or lower!